LecoLab project

Over time, man has transformed his relationship to his environment. This transformation has accelerated since the industrial era. In nature, when a species disappears, the ecosystem is unbalanced; in the same way, society remains in harmony when it cultivates and takes care of its most vulnerables.

LecoLab wants to participate in the transition necessary to achieve a more harmonious, responsible and caring society.

LecoLab offers workshops and outings to raise awareness of nature to the general public. These events constitute today a means of action to make nature known, understood and respected.

LecoLab wishes to respond to the need for refocusing our society with an innovative, responsible and systemic solution for lifelong learning.

Lecolab wants to attract people who live by the same values of sharing, inclusion, ecology, continuous learning and co-living.

We hope to see the generations living together in a constructive and bright atmosphere for the well-being of everyone.

Our team has observed, listened, met, requested the assistance of specialists, and is now taking action to implement our innovative solution:

A multigenerational life space in nature

to live, learn and grow old differently


LecoLab focuses on:

  • The search for a physical place to implement the eco-residence and the school. We are open to any proposal for a green place in the Pays de Gex. If possible 10,000 square meters, close to a town/village, with access to public transport and to raw nature.
  • Visiting places (schools, kindergartens as well as senior citizens' residences) from which we take the best to refine the LecoLab project. Two of our members follow a training course for the conception and construction of a residents' cooperative.
  • The drafting of a complete document on our project. It is enriched as we learn and make decisions. A business plan can thus be designed.
  • The presentation of our concept to as many people as possible. We organize various events for this purpose, ask us.
  • LecoLab is an association of law 1901 based in Ferney-Voltaire in France, near Geneva.

You wish to discuss the solution with us, leave us a message by contacting us. We are also present on Facebook. You can support us by becoming a member.

We are all volunteers. We are particularly looking for skills in the financial and architectural fields. Join us and participate in our development.