Co-ownership is the first form of sharing spaces, since the different owners of their home share spaces such as corridors, garages, elevators, exteriors …

Then there is colocation like in “‘L’auberge espagnole” by Cédric Klapisch. An apartment is shared by renters who use common areas of an apartment, having the exclusive use of a room, and dividing all the costs.

The financiers then adopted the concept to allow more young people to live in city center in quality real estate. It is a new way of life for those who love conviviality, private spaces, but also not happy with a tiny studio in the city. A definition of coliving: shared spaces, resources and services, managed in a professional or semi-professional manner, which allows residents, the most diverse possible, to access a better quality of life. The monthly rent includes a bedroom, a living room and a private bathroom, all charges, insurance, fiber optic Internet, cleaning in the common areas, various subscriptions (Canal +, Spotify, Gymlib …). The average age is generally 25 to 35 years, young people have a good job, a comfortable salary, are single and childless.

With LecoLab, we imagine apartments of variable size, from studios to 3 rooms, with shared spaces and shared services in a harmonious and comfortable real estate complex, surrounded by nature. Residents of all ages would be renters of their accommodation, enjoying shared spaces, paying rent. They could either manage the overall structure themselves (under the LecoLab association) or entrust its management to a third company.

Coliving concept is perfectly adapted to the values of LecoLab:
A multigenerational living space in nature to learn, live and grow old differently.