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MARPA des Berges du Lion à Ornex – France – Website

The MARPA des Berges du Lion in Ornex offers 13 apartments of equal size, 2 rooms – 50m2, for each resident, distributed throughout the residence, as well as a common room and an opening onto a small grassy area. Since 1998, Les Berges du Lion has received 71 independent persons over 60 years old, of different nationalities, .

Each resident receives a visit each morning and evening. Car service for medical or other appointments is organised. Meals are shared at noon and activities and outings are offered in the afternoon.

The atmosphere is serene, we were welcomed by a small, close-knit team.

EHPAD Les Clos des Chevaliers à Ornex – France – Website

Le Clos Chevalier is an associative Ehpad.

While Ehpads have a reputation as “mouroirs”, “places to die”, the establishment is intended to be a place of life and a place of care. Animations and personal services are offered.

France’s politic is to keep people in their home as long as possible. People who enter Ehpads are more and more dependent and in the case of Le Clos Chevalier, the average age of entry is 88.”

Coopérative d’habitants Présinges – Switzerland

Cooperative of inhabitants of 7 people (minimum number for a cooperative) in a beautiful house rented 6000CHF per month, divided between the residents according to the private area plus a corrective factor.

Breakdown of living costs per month are divided by 7 (problems depending on the use of each of the common areas, voracity at meals …)

Harmonious life in a chic neighbourhood with people aged 70 and over, able-bodied and independent. Everyone has their values ​​and interests, it’s not easy to reconcile everyone’s needs. Shared activities such as singing, theater, chicken breeding.

In less than 5 years, they will move into a new program organised by Codha and the town of Présinge with two other cooperatives Équilibre https://www.cooperative-equilibre.ch/ and Quercus https: // www .cooperativequercus.ch (documents on the start of work and on town planning, architectural, economic, environmental and social criteria). The town of Présinge has owned the land since 2014.

La Maison Bleue – Cohabitation écologique en ville – Website

“La Maison Bleue is a life laboratory that brings together 14 roommates in a house in Bourg-La-Reine, in the south of Paris. The objective is both to reduce our overall ecological footprint (energy, waste, food, etc.) and to find a caring balance to live together. We are a colocation in transition, of the one who lives and who co-creates on a daily basis. Our House is open to everyone, from the most committed to the simply curious people. You just have to want to slip into the shoes of an explorer of optimistic solutions for the future …! ”

Maison partagée de Tauriac – France

8 people live in 2 semi-detaches houses and share all the costs. 1100 € per month all inclusive. The recipe against social, moral and economic isolation.

Habit’Age – Habitat partagé – France – Website

“The creation, in an old rehabilitated building, of a shared, participative and united housing in rural areas, for autonomous elderly people. ”

“Habit’age militates and is committed to the development of shared, humane, participative and supportive housing for autonomous seniors in rural areas, based on the restoration of heritage in the heart of the village.”
A ground floor area in an old ball game alley is renovated, 4 individual apartments of 45 square meters have been built. A small terrace, a garden, as well as a large living room with library and internet access, is shared by all. Global budget of 550,000 euros secured by a loan, grants and aid from foundations.

The Habit’age association has decided to create a new house in the village of Combrée.

Cogedim Club – Résidences services seniors en ville

COGEDIM Club – Senior service residences throughout France. The concept is in full swing. A good remedy against isolation. Quality services but no intergenerational links.

“Living in the heart of a city, in a secure environment and benefiting from services to make your daily life easier promotes the development of autonomous and independent seniors.

At Cogedim Club you will be seduced by the “family home” spirit that is present in all our residences. You are reassured by the 7/7 presence of an attentive team, you exchange and share time with other residents according to your desires, you have the choice to participate in varied and renewed activities. Particular attention is paid to the decoration of each of our residences, and most of them are bordered by gardens and green spaces to guarantee you an optimal quality of life. ”

Association Mill’O – Plan-Les-Ouate – Suisse – Website

The cooperative residence is 20 years old. The first residents were very involved in the construction. You have to show an associative and ecological spirit to integrate it.

The building respects Minergie’Eco label, and is built in wood. Ecological commitment of each resident is expected.

But after 20 years the primary motivation is the financial savings. The inhabitants no longer share services and no longer live in “community” and it is “everyone at home”.

MARPA-Ecole de Souvigny-de-Touraine – France

An establishment which regroups under the same roof a seniors’s home MARPA (MARPA Rural homes for the elderly), in the form of 22 T1 (1198€/month) and 2 T2, as well as an elementary school (CE1 to CM2). 24 apartments welcome independent tenants aged 60 and over (average age is 85), who voluntarily share the daily life of the 50ish children in the school.

The school depends on the Education Nationale, the Marpa is managed by an association, and the Mairie owns the land and the school. The school and the senior residence are integrated in one single building, where all can go everywhere, respecting each other. The seniors tend to stay in their area as their care takers are meeting all their needs and even more, in a family atmosphere.

Nature is not very present in the schoolyard (limited and screened space).Intergenerational sharing moments happen in a spontaneous way. Six kids have lunch twice a week with the seniors.

A 52-minute documentary “Living together” – Director: Julie BENZONI, gives a glimpse of life in this structure, where everyone interacts harmoniously with the others and learns at all times.

MARPA School press kit.

  • 2008 – Beginning of the idea by the village mayor and president of the Communité des Communes
  • 2011 – The construction begins
  • 2015 – Beginning of the structure and first residents – only 30% of the MARPA is filled
  • Mid 2016 – New association, new pricing model, new beginning, and by 2020 the MARPA is full and has a waiting list.

Association of 1901 law to manage the structure. Financed by MSA Ain Rhône and MARPA referent.

More information about the Marpa-Ecole on the BIMSA website.