Over time, and especially since the industrial era, humans have exploited their environment without regard for the consequences. Among other things, we have seen the disappearance of species, global warming and climate change, and a polluted environment with their effects on health. 

We must change our behaviors for our survival and that of future generations.

LecoLab is a non-profit association, created in 2017 and based in Ferney-Voltaire, which wants to create

LecoLab wants to participate in the transformation necessary to achieve a more harmonious, responsible and caring society by proposing an innovative and dynamic living space in a natural setting that is at the same time a place to live, learn and engage, open to the world. 

“Nature has a beneficial influence on the emotional balance of all.”


LecoLab wants to be an alternative to a world that is becoming more and more distant from nature.
→ LecoLab wants to reconnect with nature according to the principles of permaculture:

  • Knowing it allows us to respect it → learn differently
  • Building in a reasoned way (materials, energy, mobility) → living differently
  • Man is part of nature which serves as a model and guides us → live differently


LecoLab wants to be an alternative to a habitat that has become mineral, energy intensive and economically questionable.
→ LecoLab proposes:

  • A multigenerational living space
  • In a natural setting           
  • Close to services, transportation, culture, education, medical facilities
  • A shared habitat with reduced private spaces and large common spaces allowing conviviality while respecting the need for privacy
  • Housing for the temporary reception of family and friends of residents 
  • Optimal and flexible use of the premises
  • Maximum energy efficiency


LecoLab wants to be an alternative to the compartmentalization of knowledge.
→ LecoLab proposes:

  • the sharing of knowledge and talents
  • experimentation
  • continuous personal development
  • a culture of evaluation and reflection
  • a culture of responsible citizens


A multi-generational residence, sharing workshops and a place of exchange with the local community, in a vast and inspiring natural environment, lots of space to play, run, walk and observe, trees that give shade, a vegetable garden following the principles of permaculture to learn and eat healthy. Human interaction, sharing, being together, is what brings satisfaction, and contributes to a good life.

Numerous shared housing solutions exist in France and abroad. They are an answer to the ecological and participative aspirations of our society. LecoLab considers any alternative solution of shared housing that meets its values, such as the cooperative of inhabitants or coliving.

We propose a return to the roots, to craftsmanship, to companionship according to the principles of human permaculture, an ethical design approach aimed at building sustainable human habitats by imitating the functioning of nature. 

LecoLab wishes to welcome

  • permanent residents (single people, active retirees and families)
  • temporary residents (students, workers on short-term contracts, artists in residence, interns…)
  • visitors interested in the proposed programs.
  • partners
  • All the actors share the values of LecoLab, which are spelled out in an operating charter.

Studies show that moving, eating healthy, continuing to learn, being surrounded, feeling useful and being in touch with nature all lead to better growth and aging.

The LecoLab project aims to respond to the aspirations of citizens to live better together and is part of the implementation of the points described by the Pact for Transition, which was drafted following a citizen consultation.